Skopelos nature walks: We should mention that Skopelos gives visitors the opportunity to make very beautiful walks in the countryside and forests of the island and also get to know many of the attractions and religious sites of the island.


A walker has the chance to admire the unique biodiversity that exists on the island. In recent years again the hiking trails on the island become more accessible and functional.

We suggest some routes not to miss if you stay a few days in Skopelos.

Skopelos Maps, you be able to buy a professional map that you can find on the island

Do not miss:

Skopelos Paths

Hiking Routes on our island

a) The routes to the mountain Palouki and the Holy Archangel & St. Anna, where you will have the opportunity to enjoy the breathtaking views and visit several of the historic monasteries. | Routes T1 & T3 | Skopelos Web Google Maps Skopelos Web Google Maps

b ) The path Keramoto in Glossa, a really beautiful trail, especially at spring. | Path Keramoto

c ) The from the Old Klima to Loutraki port of Glossa

Also there are paths through dirt roads as eg the Old Klima to Agios Ioannis church that also are great walks.

The municipality of Skopelos in collaboration with EOT - GNTO(Greek National Tourism Organization) has create five marked trails and shade kiosks.

Have been named to the not so successful names, T1. T2. Etc. .

In the main port you will be able to view maps of the routes.

T1 Skopelos Chora - Top Mountain Palouki and Monasteries

T1 Skopelos Chora - Top Mountain Palouki and Monasteries

T2 Vatos ( from mountain Palouki ) to Holy Archangels Monastery and Agia Anna

T3 Skopelos Chora - Agios Konstantinos - Source Tzalalis

T4 Old Klima - Loutraki

T5 Loutraki - Glossa

But people that live many years on the island , mainly from abroad and locals who love walking voluntarily work so that the trails remain open and clean the routes while also place walking symbols to identify hiking routes .

The island provided and hiking trails with Escorted groups of people , such as eg Ms. Heather Parsons.

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