Skopelos Island


Skopelos, the island’s capital (Chora)
Among the houses there are numerous small churches, which are maintained with particular respect by the Skopelos people, thus meticulously continuing their religious tradition.

Shortly before reaching Glossa, om your right, you come across a road that leads to the chapel of Ai Giannis at Kastri.
The chapel of Ai Giannis is at the top of a rock 100 m high and to reach it one must climb about 200 steps cut into the rock.

In such an environment as that of Skopelos, the routes are a special experience. The whole island is covered with pine forest and this makes the routes, a wonderful experience for all the senses.

‘One of the main elements that contributed to the declaration of the town of Skopelos as a traditional settlement was its architecture. Skopelos is made up of an amalgamation of architectural rhythms.

Glossa is the second largest settlement on Skopelos. It is on the NW part of the island and it is built on the hill above the port of Loutraki with a wonderful view. It is the “high village” mentioned by Alexandros Papadiamantis in his narrative “Nostalgos”, “h ampelofyths periochi”, according to Alexandros Moraitidis.

Loutraki is the first port of Skopelos; This is usually where the ships and flying dolphins stop when coming from Skiathos, Volos or Ag. Konstantinos, and then continue their trip towards the port of Skopelos.

THE VILLAGE OF PALIO KLIMA. This is found on the NW part of the island, between the villages of Neo Klima and Glossa. It is at 24 km from the town of Skopelos. It is an evergreen village, built amphitheatrically, with old stone houses that look over the Aegean sea.

THE VILLAGE OF NEO KLIMA. Located directly below the forest of Vathias on the mountain of Delfi (688 m altitude) and next to the sea

Leaving behind the beaches of Stafylos and Velani, a little before Agnontas, you will see a dirt track on your left, leading to Amarantos.

Drakontoschisma is between Stafylos and Amarantos. The area got its name from a local legend of Skopelos.

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