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Skopelos road network. To enjoy the beauty of Skopelos it would be preferable to bring your car or motorbike with you. Otherwise, you will be able to rent the above means on the island (discounts and information on the 4 rental companies under the category car rentals on Skopelos You can visit Stays :: RENTALS section of the site ) or use the buses that transport people to the most well-known beaches of the island and the other villages on Skopelos.


At the depot, at the port next to the taxi rank, there is a chart to inform visitors. During the summer season, the routes from and to Chora are quite frequent.

In general, the road network on Skopelos covers a distance of 37 kilometres from the capital Chora of Skopelos to the port of Glossa, Loutraki. There are many bends, so beware, but the routes are wonderful through the dense forests. In general, the road is good and laid with asphalt.

There are many potholes, as on all Greek islands, but in general you will not come up against problems with your transports except some minor problems with parking in the capital, and this only in August when the island is packed with people.

For more information, when you arrive on the island, you can ask for a map of the island. However, the roads on the island are not complex, so you will not have any trouble.

The routes you will follow in your car are beautiful.

There are more than 4 petrol stations in Skopelos, so you shouldn’t have a problem with refuelling.

For those of you who will stay in the capital Chora of Skopelos, you must know that the village is closed to cars and there is only the main street with the sea-front road that lead to the port of Skopelos

Forest Fire Protection

The road network is of satisfactory passability, with access to most areas, and it serves the forest fire protection of the island to a great extent. Purposeless widening was dealt with sparingly, to avoid damaging the aesthetics of the landscape, on an island that possesses a natural environment of exceptional beauty and intense tourist activity.


As far as supplying the fire vehicles with water is concerned, there is a sufficiency of fire hydrants along the Skopelos – Glossa route, and on the road leading to the island dump. There are also four (4) rain water collectors at Demenika, Palouki, Platanakia and Lakka Georgara, and two collectors at Delfi.

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