THE VILLAGE OF NEO KLIMA. Directly below the forest of Vathias on the mountain of Delfi (688 m altitude) and next to the sea, there is the village N. Klima (Elios) of Skopelos.


At a distance of 18 km from Skopelos, this settlement, created in 1981 following the destruction of Palio Klima by the 1965 earthquakes, when the residents of Palio Klima abandoned their village due to the landslides, but also to settle near the sea.


Elios was built in this magical area full of pines, with the beautiful sands of Chovolos and the wonderful water tones very close to the village.

There is a beach all along the village, some parts with small pebbles, a beach with larger ones, with stones, but also sand; the wonderful Chovolo, as we mentioned earlier, stands out.

The newly-built houses, the picturesque port with the marina, the beautiful beaches and the rich forest are an ideal destination for restful vacations.

At Elios you will find rooms to rent and hotels, cafeterias and restaurants.


The Local Department of Klima includes the wider district of Neo Klima and Palio Klima. According to the 2001 inventory, its population amounts to 474.

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