Asclepieion of Skopelos (old Peparethos). Among the important sanctuaries of the town of Peparithos is its Asclepieion, is located on the south-east side of the gulf of Skopelos, at the area “Livadi - Ampeliki” (opossite Skopelos Chora), which was identified due to the finding of an inscribed oblation base, dedicated to Asclepius .

In 1961 for the first time revealed walls of ancient buildings in the area, but within a few years were destroyed by the sea .

Most recent excavations in the same location revealed extensive building complex , whose position and the various artefacts, between which and a seal with the inscription ASKL in shell , suggests that this was a sanctuary of Asclepius .

Asklipieio Skopelos considered the oldest in the Aegean .

Archaeologists have uncovered so far amphorae , red-figure Attic vases , fragments of statues and terracotta figurines and coins dating to the shrine of the 4th century . to the
Hellenistic period .

Based on these findings , it appears that attached shrines and other gods with time in the main sanctuary .

The archaeological site of Asklepios recently created a building where are exposed a small number of findings for visitors 


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Skopelos Chora, Old Port

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